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Hello friend, welcome to my site.
Great family photos are affordable on a budget. If you or someone you know is saying "professional photos are too expensive." please call me! Capturing a great family photo you will cherish forever is in your budget.
I want to bring smiles to your face every time you look at your favorite family photo.
Your kids grow up so fast! You probably remember like yesterday when they were born. Now is a great time to schedule a photo session so you can capture these times before they're all grownup!
In one year kids change so much! Yearly family photos are one way to help you remember those special times when your child was just learning to walk or just learning to talk. Capture those memories now before they are all grown up and having their own kids. Don't say "I wish I had gotten pictures taken". I never had photos of myself growing up. Of course I wish I had, so I could share photos of what I looked like as a kid to my daughter.
As a kids we only remember bits and pieces of our childhood. As parents, taking photos of our families and our kids is a precious gift, worth more then the latest video game. I give families the opportunity to get a great photo, it is more important to me that your memories are captured, then just not getting the photos because it is too expensive.You CAN afford to get professional pictures done! Please give me a call or email me. Thanks, Dee